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The Star in the West.


There's a star in the west that shall never go down
Till the records of valour deceay;
We must worship its light, though 'tis not our own,
For liberty bursts in its ray.
Shall the name of a Washington ever be heard
By a freeman, and thrill not his breast?


Is there one out of bondage that hails not the word
As the Bethlehem-star of the west?

"War, war to the knife; be enthrall'd or yedies
Was the echo that waked in the land:
But it was not his voice that prompted the cries
Nor his madness that kindled the brand;
He raised not his arm, he defied not his foes,
While a leaf of the olive remain'd:
Till goaded with insult, his spirit arose
Like a long-baited lion, unchain'd.

He struck with firm courage the blow of the brave,
But sigh'd o'er the carnage that spread:
He indignantly trampled the yoke of the slave
But wept for the thousands that bled.
Though he threw back the fetters and head the strife
Till man's charter was fairly restored:
Yet he pray'd for the moment when freed and life
Would no longer be press'd by the sword,

O! his laurels were pure, and his patriot name
In the page of the future shall dwell,
And be seen in all annals the foremost in fame
By the side of a Hofer and Tell.
Revile not my song, for the wise and the good
Among Britons have nobly confessed,
That his was the glory, and ours was the blood
Of the deeply-stain'd field of the west.

Landing of Troops at Vera Cruz.