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The Cold Water Army.

TUNE — 'Tis my delight of a shiny night

Did you ever hear of the Army
The Washingtonians form?
Did you ever hear of the citadel
Of Alcohol's they storm?

O! it is a conquest glorious;
Come, spread the tidings wide;
O! we'll sing a song victorious,
And join their ranks beside.


Long has he checked his enemies,
And held them all at bay;
But now the Washingtonians
Big fair to win the day.

O! it is a conquest, &c.

On, on, brave Washingtonians,
Though dear the struggle cost;
Press on, ye win the citadel,
Retreat, and all is lost.

O! it is a conquest, &c.

But lo! it totters fearfully,
Each bannered turret falls;
Now like the billows boundingly
Pass o'er its broken walls.

O! it is a conquest, &c.

Soon from the ashes mouldering,
This citadel laid low,
Ten thousand crystal rivulets,
The gifts of God, shall flow.

O! it is a conquest, &c.