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"Old Zack Upon the Track."

AIR — Dan Tucker.

We've got Old Zack upon the track,
He'll soon put Lewis on his back,
In Mexico he whipped a nation —
November next he'll thrash creation.
Get out of the way for Rough and Ready,
The country needs an arm that's steady.

Oh, Lewis Case, he went to France,
King Philippe showed him how to dance;
He dressed him up in clothes so fine,
Then let him come with him to dine.
Get out of the way, poor Cass unsteady,
Thought people were too Rough and Ready.

Cass forthwith set at work to make
Americans all a Court-dress take;
To cost a hundred dollars more —
And would'nt introduce the poor!
Get out the way, the toiling masses
Hate Court-dress and Courtier Casses!

Courtly mannners, Courtly dress.
Perfumed locks, and King's caress
These are decent, says our Cass.
Taylor is too Rough to pass.
Get out of the way, for the people steady
Like to vote for Rough and Ready.

Though Rough, he has been honest heart,
But always bravest of the brave,
He's just the man the people crave.
Get out of the way, for Rough and Ready
Is just the man to keep things steady.

At Washington, in March, next spring.
For PRESIDENT Taylor shouts will ring,
While Cass en-caved upon the lakes
Hears how a Taylor's Court-dress takes
Get out of the way for Zachariar,
He's the White House purifier.