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Douglas and Johnson.


BY J. F. R.

HARK! a voice the national startles,
E'er increasing, growing stronger;
"Truth and justice are eternal,
And shall o'er us reign yet longer."
Wake, inactive, form your slumber!
Rouse, ye lukewarm hearts or frozen!
Duty calls. Obey her summons!
Douglas must and shall be chosen!
Hear the echo!
Douglas must and shall be chosen!

By your freedom, deeply cherished,
Strike a blow for right and reason?
Let the vile, seditious plotters –
'Gainst our land – of foulest treason,
Know that valiant are our forces,
Fighting for a cause so glorious;
And November next will show them
That the right is e'er victorious.
Hear the echo!
Right forever is victorious


Mighty seem the braggarts hostile;
But as leaves by winds are shaken,
Shall they scatter wide before us;
All their ramparts will be taken.
Neither ask for truce nor quarter,
Battling spite of foe and frown,
We will rout the "split up railers,"
And with victory Douglas crown.
Hear the echo!
We'll with victory Douglas crown.

Glad the summons now obeying,
Every true man bids defiance
To the sectional, seditious,
And their lawless, base alliance.
Rouse then, hearts to freedom loyal!
Gird on armor for the fight,
Strike for Union and our country,
"Douglas, Johnson, and the Right."
Do your duty!
Strike for Douglas and the Right.