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The Battle Call.


TUNE -- "Boatman's Dance."

Oh, war now blows her ringing blast,
And fighting times have come at last,
Freedom buckle on the sword,
To crush the Mexican vile horde.

Then march true freemen, march,
Come march true freemen, march,
March day and night, and boldly fight,
For freedom and for Texas.
Heigh ho united go,
To crush the Dons of Mexico. (Repeat.)

Let every state her might prepare,
The honors of the fight to share,
For every state can boast a son,
Whose valor little Texas won.

Then march, &c.

Her little star makes twenty-eight,
Our sky-blue flag to decorate,
By Oregon its rays shall shine,
To make the glorious twenty-nine.

Then march, &c.
Heigho ahead we'll go,
In spite of Bull and Mexico.