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Come Join.

TUNE — Bruce's Address.

Come sisters join in songs of praise,
With heart and hand we'll strive to raise
The inebriate from his fallen ways,
For temp'rance must prevail.

God's laws are laws of perfect peace,
In him we'll trust and never cease,
With hearts united, he'll increase,
The "Washingtonians."

We're not ashamed to seek in cell,
And the dark abodes where misery dwell,
For there we see the bosom swell,
O who would not engage.

With pledge in hand we go to save,
Although the poisonous cup they crave,
While we portray the drunkard's grave,
They sign the "saving pledge."

We call on those who have in store
Of this world's goods a share or more,
For something to relieve the poor,
Nor do we call in vain.

We then invite the temperate poor,
Who signed the pledge to drink to more,
To call on us while we've a store,
To mitigate their pain.

To feed the poor is one command,
And when restored they join our band.
As living witnesses they stand,
The many truths to tell.

Then why should we not persevere,
For in eternity and here
Reward is ours, we need not fear,
This is our festival.