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Bold Soldier Boy.


There is not a man that's going
Worth a knowing or a showing,
Like Scott from glory growing,
The Bold Soldier Boy.
He went to Mexico,
Sure you know it is so,
And he flogged his country's foe,
Like the Bold Soldier Boy.
Triumphantly he marched through,


The ladies looking arch through
The window panes they search through
The ranks to find their joy,
While up the street each man they meet,
When Scott passed by they all would cry,
Hurra for Winfield Scott,
The Bold Soldier Boy.

But Pierce and King we'll rout,
How they flout and they shout,
To the White-House right about
Goes the Bold Soldier Boy.
Then when Locos rant and rare,
Tear their hair in despair,
For they know Pierce won't compare
With the Bold Soldier Boy.
The Locos shout in chorus,
The Whigs are going to floor us,
For Scott and Graham are roarers,
Uncle Sam will them employ.
The North, the South, the East, the West,
Will vote for them they love the best;
They will go for Winfield Scott,
The Bold Soldier Boy.

Then let's united be, and agree, you will see,
We shall win the victory,
With our Bold Soldier Boy.
At Chippewa and Lundy's Lane,
Then again, on the Plain,
He whipped the British train
Like a Bold Soldier Boy.