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Let Us All Speak Our Minds If We Die for It


Song performed by: Leslie Beukelman (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

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Men tell us 'tis fit that wives should submit
To their husbands, submissively meekly,
Tho' whatever they say their wives should obey,


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Unquestioning, stupidly, weakly;
Our husbands would make us their own dictum take
Without ever a wherefore or why for it --
But I don't and I can't, and I wont and I shant!
No, I will speak my mind if I die for it!


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For we know it's all fudge to say man's the best judge
Of what should be, and should'nt and so on,
That woman should bow, nor attempt to say how
She considers that matters should go on;
I never yet gave up myself thus a slave,
However my husband might try for it --
For I can't and I won't, and I shant and I don't,


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But I will speak my mind if I die for it!

And all ladies I hope who've with husbands to cope,
With the rights of the sex will not trifle,
We all, if we choose our tongues but to use,
Can all opposition soon stifle;


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Let man if he will then bid us be still,
And silent, a price he'll pay high for it, --
For we won't and we can't, and we don't and we shan't,
Let us all speak our minds if we die for it!