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How Lovely the Place


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1. How lovely the place where the Savior appears,
To those who believe in his word;
His presence disperses my sorrows and fears,
And bids me rejoice in my Lord.


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2. A day in his courts, than a thousand beside,
Is better and lovlier far --
My soul hates the tents where the wicked reside,
And all their delights I abhor.

3. Lord! give me a place with the humblest of saints,
For low at thy feet I would lie;
I know that thou nearest my feeble complaints;
Thou hearest the young raven's cry.

4. Give strength to the souls that now wait upon thee,
O! come, in thy chariot of love;
From earth's vain enchantments, O! help us to flee,
And to set our affections above.