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The Maid of Cashmere.

Dost remember the maiden of sunny Cashmere,
With a smile for joy's feelings — for sorrow a tear?
But the smile renewed ever, — the tear chased away
As the snow melts 'neath the Gheber god's ray.


With a voice like the bulbul, to charm ev'ry feeling,
Or, soft as the eve-breeze, through rose-boers stealing;
To the heart, to the soul, to the mind ever dear
Dost remember the maiden of sunny Cashmere?

Oh, yes, I remember the maid of Cashmere
Fond mem'ry recalls her my lone heart cheer;
As the sun-bird's sad song on the cold — leafless bough,
Reminds us of summer, though winter is now
Oh, well I remember that creature of light,
From whose radiant pleasure dark sorrow took flight;
Oft, oft would I listen her footfall to hear,
My heart's with the maiden of sunny Cashmere.