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Toll the Bell for Lilla Dale.


Music, with Piano Forte Accompaniment, published by Hall & Son, New York.

My Lilla dear is sleeping
'Neath the old chesnut tree
The spot where oft she wandered,
When innocent and free;


The wild rose and the myrtle
Still cluster round the spot;
But my heart's filled with sorrow,
And lonely is my lot.

Toll, toll the bell, for gentle Lilla Dale,
And let its tones echo through the vale;
Our Lilla dear we've lost, so loving, kind and true;
Sing today one sad lay-lost Lilla Dale!

'Tis spring; the birds are warbling
A sad and mournful tale,
Of beauty once so blooming,
Now lying cold and pale.
The streamlet ripples onward,
So quiet through the vale;
The wild rose drops a dewy tear
For earth-lost Lilla Dale.

Toll, toll the bell, &c.

My Lilla dear, I'm watching;
O! wilt thou never come,
To greet me with a blessing
From thy far, angel home?
My sad heart now is aching,
With heavy care oppressed;
O! may I quickly greet thee,
In that pure land of rest!

Toll, toll the bell, &c.