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439. John Duncan to William H. Herndon.

Larue County 'Ky Feb 21st 1867

My Dear Sir

I received yours of Nov 30th and intended to answer in a few days, but was taken Sick and have been confined every since. I am now only able able to Set up and write — The inquires you make of me respecting Mr "Lincon" — am only able to answer one of these. that is as to his hunting he was very determined in pursuit of game as an instant him and my Self on one occasion ran a Groun hog in a hole in the rocks — we worked Some 4 or 5 hours in trying to git him out — I gave it out Lincoln then went off about a quarter of a mile to a black Smith Shop and got the black Smith to make an iron hook and fasten it on a pole the black Smith went with young Abe and hooked the Groun hog out of the rocks

I never went to School with Mr Lincoln I was well acquainted with the family when they lived in this Country — I am now preaching to Little Mount Church the Church that Mr Linolns Farther Mother and Gran Mother belong to when


they lived in this Country — the Church was then a Seperate Baptist Church it has Since changed to a United Baptist "Old Abe" Grand mother and a little brother died and was buried at what is called Redmans Grave Yard on the top of Muldroghs hill in this County — my impression is that old Abs Sister Sally left this Country with the balance of the family these things you proble Know better than I can tell you

Mrs Silvester West William Redman and B. A. Galaher could let you know more about your inquires than I

Your Friend
John Duncan

NB I hope my excuse for not writing will be Satisfactory — I live about 14 miles from West Redman and Galaher

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3003