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Hymn 19. 6s. & 4s.


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1. With thy pure dews and ruins,
Wash out, O God, the stains,
From Afric's shore;
And while her palm trees bud,
Let not her children's blood,


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With her broad Niger's flood,
Be mingled more.

2. Quench, righteous God, the thirst,
That Congo's sons hath curs'd,
The thirst for gold,
Shall not thy thunders speak,
Where Mammon's altars reek,
Where maids and matrons shriek,
Bound, bleeding, sold?

3. Hear'st thou, O God, those chains,
That clank on Freedom's plains,
By Christians wrought,
Those, who these chains have worn,
Christians from home have torn,
Christians have hither borne,
Christians have bought.

4. Lord, wilt thou not, at last,
From thine own image cast
Away all cords,
Save those of love, which brings
Man from his long wanderings,
Back to the King of kings,
The Lord of lords?