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Negro Boy Sold for a Watch.

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Words by Cowper. Arranged by G. W. C., from an old theme.

When avarice enslaves the mind,
And selfish views alone bear sway
Man turns a savage to his kind,
And blood and rapine mark his way.
Alas! for this poor simple toy,
I sold the hapless Negro boy.


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His father's hope, his mother's pride,
Though black, yet comely to the view
I tore him helpless from their side,
And gave him to a ruffian crew —
To fiends that Afric's coast annoy,
I sold the hapless Negro Boy.

From country, friends, and parents torn,
His tender limbs in chains confined,
I saw him o'er the billows borne,
And marked his agony of mind;
But still to gain this simple toy,
I gave the weeping Negro Boy.

In isles that deck the western wave
I doomed the hapless youth to dwell,
A poor, forlorn, insulted slave!
And in their cruel tasks employ
The much-enduring Negro Boy.

His wretched parents long shall mourn,
Shall long explore the distant main.
In hope to see the youth return,
But all their hopes and sighs are vain:
They never shall the sight enjoy,
Of their lamented Negro Boy.

Beneath a tyrant's harsh command,
He wears away his youthful prime;
Far distant from his native land,
A stranger in a foreign clime,
No pleasing thoughts his mind employ,
A poor, dejected Negro Boy.

But He who walks upon the wind,
Whose voice in thunder's heard on high,
Who doth the raging tempest bind,
And hurl the lightning through the sky,
In his own time will sure destroy
The oppressor of the Negro Boy.



1. An African prince having arrived in England, and having been asked what he had given for his watch, answered, "What I will never give again — I gave a fine boy for it."