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193. L. M. Greene to William H. Herndon.

Avon Fulton Co Ills May 3rd 1866

Dr Sir

yours of March 25th came to hand in due time.

Miss Owens came to Ills in Oct 1833 on a visit of about 4 weeks During this visit Mr Lincoln became acquainted with her but not intimately as I think. Then she came to Ills again on the day of the Presidential 1836 I was at the Election & saw her pass through New Salem She remained in the neighborhood till April 1838 — She was tall & portly weighed in 1836 about 180 lbs at this time she was 29 or 30 years of age — had large blue eyes with the finest trimings I ever saw She was jovial social loved wit & humor — had a liberal English education & was considered wealthy She was from the State of Ky Bill I am getting old & have seen too much trouble to attempt to give a life like picture of this woman I won't try it, None of the Poets or Romance writers hav ever given to us a picture of a heroine so beautiful as a good description of Miss Owens in 1836. would be

Miss Rutledge was from the State of Kentucky Her Father moved to what is now Menard Co in 1827 or 1828 She was of medium height plump & round in form weighed 150 lbs Eyes blue not large & Hair a golden yellow Modest & unassuming in bearing about 22 years old without property

Yours truly
L. M Greene.

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