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Those Noble Old Statesmen.


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Air -- Araby's Daughter.

How dear to my heart are the days of our glory,
The time honored days of our national pride,
When men true to Freedom enobled our story,
And boldly the friends of oppression defied.
By an ord'nance they said there shall be no more slav'ry,
The regions now free shall remain so for aye.
And the prosperous West in their freedom and brav'ry,
Rejoice for that act, and oppression defy.
The act of the Statesmen, the true-hearted Statemen,
The honest old Statesmen, who died long ago.

The star-spangled banner was a waving before us
And freedom was though to be national then --
The wide spreading pinions of Liberty o'er us,
Protected us all from tyranical men;
When darkly the flag of commotion was waving,
And clouds of destruction seemed gathering fast
Those patriot heroes the tempest were braving,
And the dark clouds of error were thrown to the blast.
By the noble old stateman, the true-hearted statesman,
The honest old statesman, who died long ago.


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Then Liberty flourished, the pride of the nation,
And government all of its powers did lend,
To give it dominion in very new stations,
And widely its multiform blessings extend.
The men who the people entrusted with power,
Were faithful to freedom, to Justice and right;
And long we'll remember and treasure the hour,
And think of those men with enraptured delight;
Those noble old heroes, those patriot heroes,
Those honest old heroes, so faithful to right.

But now they are gone, and their faithless successors,
Bold traitors to Freedom, have trampled to dust,
Truth, Justice and Liberty, and are oppressors
Of those who with power these men did entrust,
But the people are coming, resistless in power,
To sweep from their stations this traitorous clan
The Prince of their number is warned of the hour
To vacate the White House for Lincoln -- a man.
The gallant Abe Lincoln, the noble-soul'd Lincoln,
The patriot Lincoln, devoted and true.

The men now in office, dark slavery cherish,
And all of the powers of government lend,
To widen its borders -- and Freedom must perish,
That this blighting and withering curse may extend.
It long has been done by the party in power,
And they hope to prolong its most infamous sway,
Through the men they have chosen to do their foul bidding,
But we will arise and drive them away,
With the gallant Abe Lincoln, the noble-souled Lincoln,
The patriot Lincoln, devoted and true.


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The People are coming, from plain and from mountain,
To join the brave band of the Honest and Free,
Which grows as a stream of the leaf-sheltered fountain
Spreads broad and more broad, till it reaches the sea.
No strength can restrain it, no force can retain it,
Whate'er may resist, it breaks gallantly through.
And, borne by its motion, as ships on the ocean,
Speeds on to his glory -- Abe Lincoln, the true.
The gallant Abe Lincoln, the noble-souled Lincoln,
The patriot Lincoln, devoted and true.