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Selling Negroes in Illinois.

"— Last Saturday a piece of animated property, called George Bowlin, was put on the block at Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois, and sold to the highest bidder. His offence was a violation of the law which prohibits the immigration of negroes into the State. Having been tried and found guilty, he was fined $63; and not being able to pay the money, he was sold to Mr&dot: Felix Morton for sixteen months."

Look at that! an innocent man actually sold for sixteen months for a fine of $63, and that fine imposed simply because he came into our State! a boasted free State! Here is a law which would disgrace a country of barbarians. And yet we see nothing even in our Republican papers indicating that the party intend to do anything against that law. We observe nowhere any discussion looking towards its repeal. The "Herald" has in various ways for months endeavored to arouse public sentiment against the inhuman statute, but we find little or no response where we had a right to look for it — in the Republican papers.

Now it is our deliberate opinion that unless the Republican party will commit itself to this reasonable reform, its success is a matter of indifference. We say it should boldly commit itself in advance of gaining the legislative control, for no party in power ever feels bound to do any more good things than it promised when seeking power. Usually they contrive to avoid the fulfilment of many of their distinctly


given pledges. Let the Republican party, then, through all its power, attack these absurd and cruel laws, and demand their total abrogation, trusting in the sense of right and justice among the people, and they will endear themselves to the people, and may hope for the ascendancy in our state affairs. Until they do this, the intelligent friends of liberty will be quite likely to ask them, "what do ye more than others?" — Chicago Cong&dot: Herald.