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Jack Williams.

I AM a Boatman by my trade,
Jack Williams is my name;
And by a false deluding girl,
I am brought to grief and shame.


Saint Catharine's Stairs I did resort,
Where the people did me know,
And on that girl I fix'd my heart,
She proved my overthrow.

I went a robbing night and day,
To maintain her fine and gay
And what I got I valued not,
But took to her straightway.

Till at length to Newgate I was brought,
Bound down in irons strong,
With heavy chains around my legs,
She longed to see them on.

I sent a letter to my love,
Some comfort for to find,
But instead of proving as a friend,
She us'd me most unkind.

She in a scornful manner said,
I'll shun thieves company;
So as you've made your bed young man,
Down on it you must lie.


I thought these words were very hard
When I had spent all my store,
To think she had no regard for me,
When I was low and poor.

Now in this lonesome cell I live,
No better I deserve,
Which makes my very blood run cold
To think how I have been serv'd.

I am a boatman by my trade,
And a waterman also,
I maintained her like a lady gay,
In silks from top to toe,

But if ever I get out of this,
A solemn vow I'll make,
To shun all evil company,
For that bold harlot's sake.

But fortune it proved kind to me,
Which plainly you may see
I broke out of the prison strong,
And gain'd my sweet liberty.