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Meeting at Galena.


Thursday, September 2, 1858.

On the 25th ult., Judge DOUGLAS addressed the Democracy at Galena. He arrived at that point about six o'clock in the morning, and was received by loud cheers and the booming of cannon. A band of music and hundreds of people were waiting his arrival at the rail road depot, and when he stepped from the cars, the whole place was alive with human beings – cheers and joy abounded.

The Dubuque, Iowa, delegation made a fine appearance. It was enough to cheer the heart of any American to know that such a delegation was there in honor of, and to hear him speak. Col. McHenry, who was the Marshal of this crowd, had the best of order, and the Delegation was marched up in front of the De Soto House, where there times three cheers were given for Douglas, who made his appearance and returned thanks for the honor conferred upon him.

Douglas is a great man, and the people everywhere acknowledge his superior ability. He has given fame to our State, and the people of the State will bestow their honors upon, and trust their interests to him. At two o'clock P.M. he addressed a crowd of several thousand people. His speech was an able and eloquent one, and was well received. The old line Whigs, who are opposed to abolitionism, came out boldly for Douglas. They pronounced his speech one of the best things they had every heard, saying we are for and with Douglas.