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Riding in a Railroad Keer.

This copyright was written for Mrs. J. FLORENCE, by her husband. Sung by Mrs. W. J. FLORENCE, in all the principal cities of the United States.

SUKE SATINETT was a comely gal,
And loved her parents dear,
Till she met Slim Jim, the miller's son,
Riding in a Railroad Keer.
Slim Jim's dad's house was top of the hill,
Suke Satinett she lived near;
'Twas going to the mill she met Slim Jim
Riding in a Railroad Keer.

Suke winked at Jim, he looked shy,
Then called her his duck and dear;
Say's Jim, "Will you have me?" says Suke, "I will,"
Riding in a Railroad Keer.
But, as they neared the old man's house,
Jim began to feel very queer;
He lost all the courage he had before,
Riding in a Railroad Keer.

When they got to the house, he took off his cap,
And bowed and scraped so queer;
Says he, "Your daughter promised to be mine,
Riding in a Railroad Keer."
The old man took his gun from the shelf,
Says he, "Slim Jim, now clear;
Or I'll blow you so high you'll never come down,
Riding in a Railroad Keer!"