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Letter from Jeremiah Crotty to David Leavitt Concerning Pending Loan Subscription Payments

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Ottawa La Salle County

Octr 16th 1845

David Levitt Esqr

Dear Sir
Some three or four days since I was returning from Chicago and happened to stop at Lockport and had an interview with several of the Contractors who subscribed to the Canal Loan I find it to be the unanimous opinion of the Contractors (who were subscribers to the Loan) that it will break many of them up if they are called upon at this time to pay up the first installment due on the amount of their subscriptions.

In consequence of sickness and Other Causes, the Contractors have not been able to succeed as well as they expected and a Call upon them at this moment for their subscription would ruin many of them and it is deemed expedient to petition the Board of Trustees with a view to obtain an extension of the time for paying the amount now due on their subscriptions a meeting has been held and a petition got up at Lockport for the above purpose. I was requested to attend the meeting but could not, but promised that I would write to you personally and add my solicitations in favor of a further extension of time for the payment of subscriptions. I assure you now that if contractors are obliged to pay the installment now due they cannot proceed with the work, but I have no hesitation to say that by the next estimate After the present contractors will be abundantly able to pay up and give security for so doing if required

very respectfully
Jeremiah Crotty