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The Soldier of Tippecanoe.


AIR — "Some love to roam."

The stars are bright, and our steps are light,
As we sweep to our camping-ground;
And well we know, as we forward go,
That the foe fills the greenwood round;
But we know no fear, though the foe be near,
As we tramp the greenwood through,
For oh! have we not, for a leader got
The Soldier of Tippecanoe?
CHORUS — For oh! have we not, for a leader got
The Soldier of Tippecanoe?

Now the deep green grass is our soft mattress
Till the beating of reveille;
No light's in our camp but the fire-fly lamp,
No roof but the greenwood tree.
Brief slumber we snatch, till the morning watch,
But one head no slumber knew;
One mind was awake for his soldiers' sake,
'Twas the Soldier of Tippecanoe!

The faint dawn is breaking, our bugles are speaking,
Quick rouses our lengthened line;
Sweet dreams are departing, the soldier is starting,
And welcome the morning shine.


But hark! 'tis the drum! the foe has come,
Their yells ring the dark wood through;
But see mounted, ready, brave, cautious and steady,
The Soldier of Tippecanoe!

Now nigher and nigher, though hot is their fire,
And ceaseless the volleying sound,
We press down the hollow, and dauntlessly follow,
Then tramp up the rising ground;
With death-dealing ardor, we press them yet harder,
And still as they come into view,
"Now steady, boys, steady! be quick and be ready!"
Cries the Soldier of Tippecanoe!

Down, down drops the foe, and still onward we go,
And each thicket and jungle explore;
Loud our shrill bugles sing, and the wild woods ring,
And their rifles are heard no more.
Now weave the green crown of undying renown
For the Patriot Hero's brow,
And encircle his name with the halo of fame,
The hero of Tippecanoe!