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Hurrah for Abraham Lincoln.


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Words by W. P. D. Music by permission of O. DITSON.

1. The time has come for freedom's son's
To gird their armor on,
There is a battle to be won,
For honest Abe Lincoln,
Theu, let us each, at call of roll,
The contest warm begin,
And do our duty at the Polls,
For Lincoln and Hamlin.

Three cheers for Abraham Lincoln
hurrah, hurrah, hurrah,


Page Image Three more for good old Hamlin,
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

2. Old Abe is honest kind and true,
And is the people's choice,
And we are bound to put him through
And make the land rejoice.
The name of Abe made Locos shake,
O how their teeth did chatter,
From head to foot their bodies quake,
And then they split and scatter.

Chorus, Then cheer, &c.

3. The Democrats have played their game
At bribes and being witty,
But we have made them very tame
Through Covode's great Committee.
They'll breathe their last, their dying breath
The sixth of next November;
Their solemn fate and awful death,
Let others well remember.

Chorus, Then cheer, &c.

4. The fourth of March will ever be
Our second Natal day,
We then renew our liberty,
And cheer its golden ray.
Old Abe will take the chair of state
With Hamlin by his side
Then will the Union, truly great,
In safety e'er abide.

Chorus, Then cheer, &c.