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Letter from William Gooding to David Leavitt Concerning Various Items of Canal Business

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No. 96~ Lockport Oct. 12-1854~

D. Leavitt Esq.

Dear Sir,
Your letter of Sepr 30-(No. 113) enclosing vouchers Nos. 428 @ 431 and also yours of Oct. 7-(No. 114) enclosing voucher 432, and resolution of your Board in relation to the appointment of E. S. Prescott to select additional Canal lands, are both at hand.

I have had an interview with Mr. Prescott and discussed the question of Selection fully. He will act promptly and do all that he can to promote the interests of the Canal but I am afraid that the public lands have been so generally swept up by private speculators for a few months past that he will find it poor picking every where in the State.

The dry weather continues, the water in the Illinois river is at the minimum stage, and the business of the Canal is just now guite limited. I had hoped that our receipts from tolls would reach $200,000 but they will probably fall short of $195,000 and may not exceed $190,000.

The rebuilding the superstructure of the Kankakee Feeder Aqueduct and Several Canal bridges will largely increase our disbursements and I must have the authority to draw for a sufficient amt. to meet them. My monthly allowance is now overdrawn for the month, that is, I have already drawn for the month of November to keep my a/c good. I suppose that it will require no action of the Board to give me the requisite funds but simply your order. You will at all events, know what it will be necessary to do in the preemises and instruct me accordingly.

Mr. Saltonstall has notified me that he shall leave the Canal Office some time during the coming winter and I shall have to look out for another clerk.

Verytruly Yours

Wm Gooding