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Come, Freemen, Come Rally.


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Come, freemen, come rally, from mountain and valley,
Repair to the standard, prepare for the fight!
The country is calling--come hail your brave leaders,
The choice of the people and right.
Come, save, from misrule and corruption again
The country from sinking--by Abraham Lincoln,
And Hannibal Hamlin of Maine.

Come, gird on your armor, mechanic and farmer,
Arise in your power and scatter the foe--
Look forward with hope, and a bright expectation
For peace and prosperity, know;
Your efforts will crown with a glorious reign,
By whom? Are you thinking--why Abraham Lincoln,
And Hannibal Hamlin of Maine.

Come, bondsmen and freemen--come, landsmen and seamen,
Our colors are flying, and nailed to the mast--
We'll stand by the ship till she's gallantly anchored,
In Liberty's harbor at last.
And then, with a shout, over manor and main,
A toast we'll be drinking--to Abraham Lincoln,
And Hannibal Hamlin of Maine!