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The Little Red Fox.


TUNE -- "Ole Dan Tucker"
Song performed by: Dean Potter, Leslie Beukelman (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

The moon was up, and bright as day
The stars they winked in their quiet way --
When a Kinderhook Fox was chased by a Coon,
As the west wind whistled this bran new tune;
Get out of the way you're quite too late --
You little Red Fox of the Empire State.


The Fox had hoped that the BUCKEYE BOYS
Would beat off the Coon with a thundering noise --
But his heart grew sad, and his fur flew off,
And he heard, while he hiccuped a church yard cough --
Get out of the way, &c.

Over the line to old PENNSYLTUCK --
The Fox thought he'd go in search of luck;
But the cry went up, "we don't want you here" --
And they sung, as there drop't from his eye a tear --
Get out of the way, &c.

Then he went to old NORTH STATE --
With the hope that "Old Rip" would avert his fate;
But when he got there, he lost his tail --
And the coon boys sung, as he "cut" with a wail --
Get out of the way, &c.

The tailless Fox then went to TENNESSEE,
To beg a little help from Old Hick-o-ree;
But he heard as he went, a loud shout for Jones,
And the song, as he scampered to save his bones --
Get out of the way, &c.

Breathless with fear, and without a tail --
The sight of a Coon-skin made him quail;
He jumped like a thief to a "cut dirt" tune,
And heard, while he yelled like a frightened loon,
Get out of the way, &c.

Up he leaped, with a limping gait --
And took his way through MARYLAND State --


But it followed him there like a hue and cry --
That terrible sound which he could not fly --
Get out of the way, &c.

Wearied and worn, and chased by the "Coon",
His head became bald as a shaved baboon;
When he reached Lindenwald he sighed "I'm lucky;"
For the people all sing, as they shout "Kentucky"!
Get out of the way, &c.

So the Fox lay down, and his voice got wheezy;
His face grew pale and his stomach uneasy;
He heaved, he kicked, and cried I am lost,
And the night-wind moaned as he gave up the ghost;
The little Red Fox is quite unlucky,
For the people are going for Old Kentucky.