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456. Anonymous to William H. Herndon.

Parris, Ky [ca. 1867]


I percieve you doubt as to the legitimacy of the birth of A Lincoln —

If you will consult old Mrs Thatcher, who lives on Turnpike ˝ way from Paris to Winchester Ky, who was cousin of Abes mother, and Milton Bealle & an old coloured woman & her daughter living with Milton Bealle, they will prove these facts: Abraham Inloe while a millwright bulding Thatchers mill was intimate with ____________ Hanks and got her with child — Inloe had a man working with him of name of Lincoln — Miss Hanks threatened a suit for seduction, & Inloe to hush the thing up, give Lincoln $200 to marry her & take her off, which he did to Green river country; where Abe was born, & he was called Abraham after his real father, and Lincoln after the man who agreed to marry her — The old Coloured woman who lives with Beall is alive, who, as well as Mrs. Thatcher, knows all about it. — Inloe got the old black woman with Child the same year, & the child now an old woman is living with the mother at Beall's —

If you will see Beall & Mrs. Thatcher & the old coloured woman & her daughter you will learn the truth about Abe's geneology —

Whether Lincoln carried out his promise to marry is unknown here — Yours —

One who has head parties tell all about it —

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4017