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89. Absolom Roby (William H. Herndon interview).

Sept 17th 1865

My name is Absolom Roby — father of Mrs Allen Gentry — am 83 ys of age — Knew Lincoln well — forget — don't now remeber much about what he did and said — Knew Abe at Gentryville — Abe lived with & worked for Allen Gentry a mo or more — He and Gentry did go to N.O in April 1828. as Said by my daughter — . I was often at the landing from which Gentry & Abe started to N.O — Abe was a good, friendly, Sociable & honest boy — a long tall bony lad — strong and good natured — He made a Speech in Rockport in 1844. I heard him — when he was done he hunted me up — Caught hold of my hand and Shook it Cordially — Abe was always an industrious lad — worked at Something or was reading — not loitering away his time. Abe was in his 16 year an intelligent boy — as I took it — though not the best judge in the world. I predicted in 1827, if not sooner that Abe would cut a figure in this world — Chance or no chance. I thought this, taking what he was — what he said & did &c. as my guide. He understood a thing thoroughly & could Explain so clearly that I thought he had a good mind: he had good habits. and I have not much doubt but that Abe read the news papers of the day — think I remember Louisville Journal — can Say positively — my memory is gone & I myself am fast going.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2365 — 66; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:149 — 50



1. WHH probably meant to write "can't say positively," which is the way Springer transcribed it.