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199. George E. Baker to William H. Herndon.

Washington, May 23, 1866.

My Dear Sir:

I always take pleasure in answering a letter from you.

Mr. Seward announced the irrepressible conflict Oct. 25 1858, at Rochester. See works of W.H.S. Vol. IV p. 289. Although in the great Senatorial debate of 1850 he expressed the idea several times it cannot be said that he distinctly avowed it until Oct. 25 1858. See works Vol I pp 88. &c — Also in his Cleveland speech Oct. 26 — 1848 — Vol. III p. 291. I trust you have Mr. Sewards "Works" in your State Library —

Yours ever
Geo. E. Baker.

Huntington Library: LN2408, 2:333