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581. Emilie T. Helm (Statement for William H. Herndon).

[post — July 1871 — 89]

The Paternal Grandfather of Mrs Lincol. Genl Levi Todd was born 1756 — educated in Virgina & studied law in the office of Genl Lewis of Virgina came to Kentucky 1776 — (You have his subsequent History) He succeeded Danl Boone as Col — became Major Genl — & one of the first settlers of Lexington Ky — was married in Logans Port 25 Feb 1779 — to Jane Briggs neice of Col Ben & John Logan. (Virginians)

The 7 child of Genl Levi Todd was Robert S Todd born Feb 25 1791 and died 16 July 1849 — His first wife was his Cousin Anni Eliza Parker, by whom he had 6 children — Was married to her about 1813 or 1814.

The children were
Elizabeth married to Hon N W Edwards of Springfield Ill
Francis married Dr Wm Wallace of Springfield Ill
Mary married to Abraham Lincoln of Springfield Ill
Ann Maria married to C M Smith of Springfield Ill
Levi died in 1865 at Lexington Ky
Geogr Rogers Clark Todd — living in North Carolina
(The three sisters are living at Springfield Ill).

Mary Lincoln had four children — sons — all of whom died in their Minority except Robt Lincoln of Chicago

The maternal Great Grandfather of Mrs Lincoln was General Andrew Porter of the Revolutionary Army Of Pennsylvania born 24 sept 1743, (succeeded Genl Peter Muhlenberg as Major General of the Pennsylvania Militia

His second wife the Great Grand Mother of Mrs Lincoln was Elizabeth Parker (her Mother Elizabeth Todd)


Mrs Lincolns Maternal Grand Mother Elizabeth Porter born 27 sept 1769. married to Robert Parker of Lexington Ky 1790, where she died in 1851 —

Mrs Lincoln's great Uncles on Maternal side were Gov George B Porter — Governor of Michigan & James Madison Porter secretary of War under President Tyler & David Rittenhouse Porter who was twice Governor of Pennsylvania.

Mrs Lincoln was born in Lexington Ky, & was educated there was a fine french scholar & considered bright & witty by her friends. Was fond of reading all her life — Went out on a visit to Mrs N W Edwards her sister at Springfield Ill & there married Abraham Lincoln —

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3068 — 69