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The Forgery Confessed.


August 26, 1858.

The celerity with which the forgery and fraud of Mr. Douglas and his organ grinders, was detected and fastened upon them, left them no course but to back square out and confess the pitiful act of which they had been guilty. The Chicago Times of the 24th makes the following humiliating acknowledgment.

"In the speech made by Judge Douglas, at Ottawa, on Saturday, he quoted the resolutions which contained the Republican platform of 1854. Misled by the paper in which he found the resolutions published, he located their adoption at a convention held at Springfield. THE PARTICULAR RESOLUTIONS WERE NOT THE ONES ADOPTED AT THE SPRINGFIELD CONVENTION."

This is a crusher on Mr. Douglas' great speech, in which as he classically expressed it he "trotted" Mr. Lincoln through. Without the resolution in question, there is nothing left of the effort of the Senator at Ottawa. In the beginning, middle and ending, the resolutions "not the ones adopted at Springfield," were the burden of the Senator's song. And so the leader of the Mulatto Democracy comes out of his first encounter with the champion of Republican principles with the brand of the forger upon his forehead. Verily his accomplishments are more extensive than desirable in the person of a U. S. Senator.