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83. Nathaniel Grigsby (William H. Herndon Interview).

Gentryville Ind Septr 16th 1865 —

After taking the rounds in Spencer Co Indiana I went with my old guide and Companion Nat Grigsby down to Wm Thompson who lived where Col Jones had resided — ˝ M west of Gentryville. Col Jones was Lincoln guide & teacher in Politics — Col J was Killed at Atlanta — Grigsby showed me where Lincoln Spoke in 1844 — When Lincoln was Speaking Grigsby went into the House where the Speech was being made — Lincoln Saw G Enter — He stopt Short — said there


is Nat. Lincoln then walked over the benches and over the heads of his hearers — Came rolling — took G by the hand Shook it most Cordially — Said a few words — went back — commenced his remarks where he had Stopt — finished his Speech — told G that he must stay with him all night — Slept at Col Jones' — When we had gone to bed and way in the night a Cat Commenced mewing and scratching — making a fuss generally — Lincoln got up in the dark and Said — Kitty — Kitty — Pussy — Pussy. The cat Knew the voice & manner Kind — went to Lincoln — L rubbed it down — Saw the Sparkling — L took up the Cat — Carried it to the door & gently rubbed it again and again Saying Kitty — Kitty &c — then gently put it down closed the doors — Commenced telling Stories & talking over old times —

As we were going down to Thompsons G told me this Story — which I had heard before. A man by the name of Chas Harper was going to mill — had an Extremely long wheat bag on the horse and was met by sister Gordon — who said to Bro Harper — Bro H your bag is too long — No said Bro Harper — it is only too long in the summer. They were Bro and Sister in the church — Mrs Gordon told her husband of the vulgar — Gordon made a fuss — had a church trial — Lincoln got the Secret — wrote a witty piece of Poetry on the scenes & Conversations — The Poetry of Abe was good — witty — &c as said by all who read it.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2357 — 58; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:94



1. William Jones.

2. Possibly Noah Gordon, the miller. For a reference to AL's poetry about Mrs. Gordon, see §128.