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Whigs of the Union.

By Finley Johnson.
Air — Washington's March.

Fellow Whigs of the Union,
Arise in thy might,
And with Taylor and Fillmore
Prepare for the fight;
And in one solid Phalanx
Let's on to the fray,
For it needs but an effort
To win us the day.

Fellow Whigs of the Union,
We'll clear off the track,
And make the loco's give way
To make room for old Zack;
For the people are rising,
And swear he'll be sent
To the White House at Washington,
As next President.

Fellow Whigs of the Union
Let us remember,
Our chieftain and leader, who
Does not surrender;
Let us follow his footsteps
And honor the man
Till our banner in triumph
Waves over the land.