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Come Raise Aloft The Red White And Blue.


TUNE. — "Yankee Ship and Yankee Crew."

Come raise aloft the red white and blue
And march to meet the foe,
Show Mexico's loud boasting crew,
There's death in freemen's blow;
We'll sweep the Gulf, and cross Del Norte,
The Mongiel Spaniard to tame,
We'll shake old Santa Fee's proud forte,
And light up their towns with our flame.
Come raise aloft the red white and blue, &c.

Now on to Texas, boldly go,
And swear by mighty mars,
That down the Mexican's sun shall go,
Beneath our stripes and stars;
The star of Texas brightly glows,
Within each patriot's eye,
And by its light he nobly goes,
To guard her soil or die.
Then raise aloft the red white and blue.