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Rough and Ready.

AIR — Yankee Doodle.

"Rough and Ready" is the man
That all good Whigs delight in,
He's just the sort for President,
An' a' the man for fightin'.
Then raise the song, the States along,
From Maine to Louisiana,
We've got "the coon" that sealed the doom
Of Polk and Santa Anna.

Friends of Cass, both lad and lass,
Come listen to our story,
Of things that soon will come to pass,
In which old coons will glory.
Oh, raise the song, &c.

We've been way down to Mexico,
And there mid ‘stalks’ and chowder,
We found a "Ready" coon that had
Turned up his nose at powder.
Then sing the song, &c.

This "Rough" old coon, e'en very soon,
Will Fill-more folks with wonder,
Than did the Yankees with the tune
That made John Bull "knock under."
Oh, sing the song, &c.

'Tis a disgrace that folks should chase
Poor coons way down to Texas,
To gouge away and fight a race
That evermore will vex us.
Oh, raise the song, &c.

So Jemmy Polk must dear the walk
(He never cleared the rivers!)
Or else his boat will hit a "stalk,"
That'll knock her into shivers.
Then raise the song, &c.

Dear folks, these things which here we tell,
We want you to remember;
"Rough and Ready's" doing well,
And "Ready" for November.
Then raies the song, the States along,
From Maine to Louisiana:
We've got the coon, and sealed the doom,
Of Polk and Santa Anna.