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When Wakes the Sun at Early Dawn.

When wakes the sun at early dawn,
Then from his distant cottage home,
I list to hear my lover's horn,
Which seems to say, I come!
And as, from Alp to Alp the sound,
By echo wafted, steals to cheer;
Nearer and nearer each rebound,
I bless and joy to hear.
When wakes the sun, Iyo! Iyo!

When sunset tints our glaciers bright,
With rosy tints, then forth I rove,
And whisper in the waning light,
The name of names I love.
And still, as to the vales around,
Farther and farther, less and less,
Echo to echo, wafts the sound,
Then echo's aid I bless.
When wakes the sun, Iyo! Iyo!