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A Democrat's Dream.


AIR – "Yankee Doodle."

LAST night I had a curious dream,
I'll tell you what it was, sir;
I saw a wondrous comic scene
Way down in Illinois, sir.


In Springfield town I seemed to see
Old Abe, with heavy maul, sir;
I saw his blows, remorseless, free,
Upon the Union fall, sir.

A thronging host around him drew,
Disunion's wedge to drive, sir;
Their furious strokes full well they knew
The South from North would rive, sir.

The motley crowd was dark and dense,
And still more clam'rous grew, sir;
The rails laid up in Abe's old fence
Were backed by that whole crew, sir.

With papers filled was each man's hat,
And each did seek promotion;
And uncle Abe was puzzled that
His friends showed such devotion.

For every office, every job,
Twice twenty men were calling;
While louder, hoarser, grew the mob,
And every man was bawling.

Few southern men in that railed throng
Bent down with supple knee, sir;
They'd heard the taunt, they'd felt the wrong,
And were not there to see, sir.

But hark, that shout! And hear that Bell!
The Giant train has come, sir!
Oh! Uncle Abe, you are not well --
Your friends are cared and done for.

United now, the South and North
Go on in peace together;
So let them be from this time forth,
Forever and forever.


Then, Union men, let's work away –
We've got the Blackies tight, sir;
Old Abe will fall on 'lection day,
No matter how they fight, sir.

Hurrah for Douglas, firm and true –
Hurrah for Bell and Union;
The Lincolnites are looking blue –
Hurrah for Doug. and Johnson.