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Petition to Governor William H. Bissell for a Pardon in the Case of David Thompson.

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[A. L. Daly?]
[Nicholas Trail?]
[Thomas Green?]
[James A. Sherman?]
[James Ley?]
William L. Ley
[John Bennett?]
[John Summers?]
[J. G. Jones?]
[B. M. Day?]
James Berry
[James Deper?]
[M. L. Fuller] Pastor Baptist Church?
[J. M. Arnold?]
[John Sears?]
[H. Horton?]
[Norman Cutton?]
[William ?]
[L. ?]

I tried the above case & think that the Defendant should be pardoned.
April 9, 1858
D. Davis
Judge 8th

I was appointed by the court to defend in part the above named David Thompson. I thought at the time his conviction was wrong, and I am now clearly of opinion he ought to be pardoned. I have recently been at Woodford; and the universal sentiment there seems to be in favor of his pardon. April 12, 1858.

A. Lincoln