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Letter to Dr. William Fithian


SPRINGFIELD, Sept. 14, 1849.

Dear Doctor: Your letter of the 9th was received a day or two ago. The notes and mortgages you enclosed me were duly received. I


also got the original Blanchard mortgage from Antrim Campbell, with whom Blanchard had left it for you. I got a decree of foreclosure on the whole; but owing to there being no redemption on the sale to be under the Blanchard mortgage, the court allowed Mobley till the first of March to pay the money, before advertising for sale. Stuart was empowered by Mobley to appear for him, and I had to take such decree as he would consent to, or none at all. I cast the matter about in my mind and concluded that as I could not get a decree now would put the accrued interest at interest, and thereby more than match the fact of throwing the Blanchard debt back from 12 to 6 per cent., it was better to do it. This is the present state of the case.

I can well enough understand and appreciate your suggestions about the Land Office at Danville; but in my present condition, I can do nothing.

Yours, as ever,