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Ellen Bayne.


Music, with Piano Forte Accompaniment, published by Firth, Pond & Co., New York.

Soft be thy slumbers!
Rude cares, depart!
Visions, in numbers,
Cheer thy young heart!
Dream on, while bright hours
And fond hopes remain,
Blooming, like smiling bowers,
For thee, Ellen Bayne!

Chorus. Gentle slumbers o'er thee glide,
Dreams of beauty round thee bide.
While I linger by thy side,
Sweet Ellen Bayne!

Dream not in anguish,
Dream not in fear,
Love shall not languish —
Fond ones are near,
Sleeping or waking,
In pleasure or pain,
Warm hearts will beat for thee,
Sweet Ellen Bayne!

Scenes that have vanished,
Smile on thee now —
Pleasures, once banished,
Play round thy brow —


Forms, long departed,
Greet thee again,
Soothing thy dreaming heart,
Sweet Ellen Bayne!