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Thursday, October 7, 1858.

In place of Judge DOUGLAS being the recipient of large sums from the Illinois Central Railroad Company, it turns out that Lincoln is hired and paid large fees to do any act that can rid the company of taxation, and saddle the same upon the people. For one case, the company paid Lincoln $5000. – We care but little about the falsehoods against Mr. D. in relation to his connection with this road and its affairs, and should not have mentioned the fact, that Lincoln is its hired attorney, only to show the contemptible course of the Republicans, in charging fraud upon Douglas for doing what he has nothing to do with, but on the other hand their own candidate is the transgressor, if such a position be a transgression. Let the Republicans swallow their own connection as agents for the railroad, and not charge it upon Douglas and the Democratic party.

Lincoln, as the attorney for this road, is sworn to do everything in his power to rid the company of its taxation and place that tax upon the people. Now, let the bolters and Republicans put these facts in their pipes and smoke them for a time. Whey don't the bolters say something about Lincoln's connection with this railroad, in place of abusing Douglas? The fact is evident, that they favor the Abolition Republican party.