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Harrison and Liberty.


TUNE — "Jefferson and Liberty."

From Mississippi's utmost shore,
To cold New Hampshire's piney hills;
From broad Atlantic's sullen roar,
To where the Western ocean swells, —
How loud the notes of joy arise
From every bosom warm and free!
How strains triumphant fill the skies
For Harrison and Liberty!

Turn to the scroll, where patriot sires
Your Independence did declare,
Whose words still glow with living fires, —
His Father's name is written there.
That Father taught that son to swear,
His country ne'er enslaved should be;
Then lend your voices to the air
For Harrison and Liberty.

O'er savage foes, who scourged our land,
When Wayne so wild and madly burst,
Among his brave and gallant band
The youthful Harrison was first.
And when on Wabash leafy banks,
Tecumseh's warriors gather'd free;
How swift they fled before the ranks
Of Harrison and Liberty!

When Meigs' Heights, his army held;
And haughty Britons circled round,
His conquering legions cleared the field;
While notes of triumph peal'd around;
And though on Thames' tide again
His progress Proctor sought to stay,
Dismay'd he fled, and left the plain
To Harrison and Liberty.

Now honored be his hoary age
Who glory for his country won:


Shout for the Hero, Patriot, Sage,
For William Henry Harrison;
Of all our Chiefs, he oftenest fought,
But never lost a victory,
And peace was gain'd and plenty brought
By Harrison and Liberty.