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Old Abe Rents the White House.


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Air -- Cork Leg.

One Abr'am there was, who lived in the west,
Esteemed by his neighbors the wisest and best;
His Home was at Springfield in Illinois state,
Where he long was the pride of the good and the great,
Ri tu di nu.

To stay so at home, 'twas thought a great pity,
So he took a short trip to Washington city;
But he left his own house with no signs of regret,
For he knew that the people had another to let.

So Abraham journeyed to Washington straight,
And come to the White House by the avenue gate;
Old Buck and his friends, some chaps from the south,
Were cursing Covode, quite down in the mouth.

Old Abe seized the knocker and gave such a knock,
The House fairly echoed an answering shock;
Buck trembled all over and turned deadly pale,
And said that the noise must be made by a rail.

The Cabinet frightened, looked this way and that,
While Abr'am, impatient, continues to rap;
Old Jimmy at length gains his senses once more,
And calls out to Jerry to open the door.

Come in, my dear sir, take a seat in the room,
Let me ask of your health and how did you come?
My health, said old Abe, is rugged and hale,
And of late I'm inclined to travel by rail.

I merely have called to inform you one thing,
I have rented this house and shall move in the spring;
I want your things packed and out of the way
Quite early in March, say on the fourth day.

Then Abe took his leave and returned to the west,
Leaving Buck and his friends most sorely depressed,
For they say at a glance that they surely must sail
Next March for Salt River astride of a rail.