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Then Put Away the Wedges and the Maul


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AIR -- "Uncle Ned."

THERE was an old hero, and they called him honest Abe,
And he lived out West, out West;
Work was his pleasure ever since he was a babe,
But now he's going to have a little rest.

Cho. -- Then put away the wedges and the maul
Then get things ready for the Fall;
For we're bound to put him through,
Just to show what we can do,
And bring about a change -- that's all.

His fingers ain't so long as the one's in office now,
And he has two good eyes in his head;
A full set of brains, and an honest, manly brow.
Which things, of many others, can't be said.
Cho. -- Then put away, &c.

He is the man for the West, and the man for the East,
And the man for the middle portion, too;
He won't have our expenses increased,
So vote for the man who's honest and true.
Cho. -- Then put away, &c.