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Song of the Whig.


TUNE — "Remember the day when Erin's proud glory."

Remember the day when our banner unfurled,
Like a sunburst of glory first flashed to the world;
When the spirits of Washington, Jefferson, breathed,
And the blades of the patriot band were unsheathed;
A WHIG was the cry
That went up to the sky!
Oh! yet may that name, like a billow of flame
Roll onward, till Tyranny's form
Lies prostrate and cold, as it weltered of old,
When Freedom directed the storm.

Ye Whigs shall those spirits still breathe on us now,
And nerve every heart and illume every brow?
Shall the memory of those in our bright land expire,
And Tyranny scatter its Patriot fire?
While Ohio's own star
Waves on from afar —
While the glory of HARRISON, SHELBY and CLAY,
Like rainbows of victory shine —
We will hallow each name, we will cherish their fame,
And gather round Liberty's shrine!

We have sworn it when traitors were forging our chains,
'T is a cause rendered holy by Patriot veins?
The oath is recorded by bright hands above —
'T is enshrined in each Freeman's unchangeable love;
And ‘A WHIG’ is the cry!
Let it ring to the sky —
While we march for our fires and the graves of our sires
O'er a land by their ancestors trod —
With our banner unrolled, each heart free and bold —
Reliance on Justice and God!