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In the Days of True Democracy.


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Words by GRAHAM.

When Washington was President,
A long time ago,
The great Northwest was Freedoms own forever to be so,
No border ruffians cursed her soil,
Sustained by Federal tools,
No Squatter Sovereigns then were bred,
In Democratic schools,
The love of Freedom was no crime,
For which men's blood did flow,
In the days of true Democracy,
A long time ago
In the days of true Democracy
A long time ago.

2. Those glorious days are now gone by,
How altered are the times,
When office is secured and kept
By foul official crimes.


Page Image A sheriff's posse now can strike
The innocent and free,
And Marshals arm a bloody mob
By Government decree.
Could tyrants thus have ruled our land,
And order all things so
In the days of Democracy,
A long time ago.