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The Boys of Ohio.

Step forth, ye sons of freedom,
Who strangers are to fear;
Repair unto your quarters,
And enter volunteer;
Where you will be advanced
Above all worldly store,
Whilst we stand under arms,
Amid a loyal corps.
We're the boys of Ohio.

If our officers command us,
We'll cheeerfully obey;
If the Greasers and Indians stand us,
We'll show them Yankee play;
We'll rout them from their trenches,
with our bold musketeers,
And we'll boldly let them know
We're the gallant volunteers,
We're the boys of Ohio.

And when that we had conquered,
As homewards we do come,
Triumphant colors flying,
With the loud fife and drum,
Our sweethearts, wives and children
Will meet us with three cheers,
Crying, huzza, huzza, huzza
There's the gallant volunteers
There's the boys of Ohio.