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The Voice of Freedom


AIR -- Partant pour la Syrie.

THE voice of Freedom loudly calls
On all the true and brave,
From slavery's destroying hand
Her fair domain to save, --
"Arise, and let my empire stretch
From widening sea to sea,"
Her soil forever consecrate
To blessed liberty.

Her banner is unfolded wide,
Of red and purest white;
Her lofty countenance divine
Shines like her armor bright.


America's true-hearted sons
Her warriors brave shall be;
Her battle shout victorious,
"Fremont and liberty!"

Let freemen hasten to her side,
And raise her banner high,
Free speech beneath our domes to have,
Free soil beneath our sky.
Let bleeding Kansas' fertile plains
A land of freedom be;
And let this circled Union cry,
"Fremont and liberty!"