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The Sick Democracy.


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Song performed by: Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Air -- Pop Goes the Weasel
W. P. D.

Democracy is very sick,
It's got the gout and the measles.
The Doctors say it can't be cured,
So say the people.
It's been ailing all along,
Been growing weak and feeble,
The system has been getting wrong,
So say the people.

At Charleston all the doctors met
To hold a consultation,
Some said Physic, some said sweat,
Some a change of station.
Thus they quarrelled fought and swore,
And all that's good derided,
Then adjourned to Baltimore
To have the case decided.

So there they met with soup and nurse,
And surgeons big a little,
The patient sure was getting worse,
So say the people.
But here again they can't agree
And high they raise the mettle,
And act the fool most perfectly,
So say the people.

There's some who wished to amputate
Upon a Southern table;
Some want a bench from other states,
So say the people.
At last they in a passion flew,
Their own affairs to settle,
And pulled the patient quite in two,
So say the people.