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Dear Summer Morn.

Music, with Piano-Forte accompaniment published by FIRTH, POND and Co., 547 Broadway, New York.

How merrily, this summer morn
The wind goes singing by,
While gracefully the rustling corn
Nods to the melody.
There's mirth, there's music everywhere
Above, around, below;
The very streamlet hath an air
Of gladness in its flow.


Chorus — O summer morn, dear summer morn
Thou play'st a charmers part;
Thy ruddy glow is on my brow,
Thy sunshine in my heart;
Thy ruddy glow is on my brow,
Thy sunshine in my heart.

While green leaves dance to ev'ry wind.
They give a pleasant sound,
And half array'd in sun in shade,
Make pictures on the ground.
My heart is gay, my step is light,
Birds fly from stem to stem;
I feel, too, as I watch their flight,
That I could soar with them.

Chorus — O summer morn, etc.

Give me no halls of dazzling light,
For I shall be content
To roam at will from morn till night,
Nor think my time mis-spent.
I mount the hills, and higher still,
Beyond mountain's brow,
My spirits rise, till thro' my eyes
The founts of joy o'erflow.

Chorus — O summer morn, etc.